Greenoz is a leading Air Cooler Manufacturers. Our wide range of Industrial air coolers provides the best-in-class cooling technology. So to meet up the industrial standards and to give you outstanding performance at a lower price and provide reliable and trustworthy quality.
Greenoz Cooling System is a leading Air Cooler System manufactures in India. We provide services in the field of Air conditioning, Evaporative Cooling Systems and Cold Room Systems.


Air Cooler is a method of dissipating heat. An example of the previous is to feature cooling fins to the surface of the thing. Either by making them integral or by attaching them tightly to the object’s surface (to ensure efficient heat transfer). So within the case of the latter, it’s done by employing a fan blowing air into or onto the thing one wants to chill. As the addition of fins to a conductor increases its total area , leading to greater cooling effectiveness. As we can say that there are two sorts of cooling pads are utilized in air cooling. In all cases, the air has got to be cooler than Air coolingor surface from which it’s expected to get rid of heat. Because this is often thanks to the second law of thermodynamics. which states that heat will only move spontaneously from a hot reservoir (the heat sink) to a chilly reservoir (the air). We are one of the leading Air Cooler Manufacturers. We always work for quality Products. We are well known in market for our quality Products. Our Air cooling System are long-lasting because we made our product by using good quality material. We (Greenoz Vantilation System) always gives first priority to quality. Our product are well test or quality products or latest technology compitable .

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